Livre Gimp

Gimp Book is now available in French, thanks to Patrick Depoix. He sent me a translated version of the code, which in turn prompted me to add proper internationalization support to make translating easier in the future.

I think it’s very cool that the first language, besides English, that the plug-in is available is French. France is the home of the ‘bande dessinée’, and has produced some of the worlds greatest comic books. Hopefully we’ll see some great French comics come out of Gimp in the near future.

Now, if I could find someone to help out with a Japanese translation, to make it available to all those great Manga artists, that would be a dream come true. Though, I guess it would also mean I would have to implement right-to-left reading, and make Japanese signs work for page names under Windows too. 🙂

You can get Gimp Book from here.

June 3, 2013

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