Let’s Make Manga

I‘ve recently updated Gimp Book with a couple of new features. The biggest change is probably that it now supports right-to-left reading, for languages like Japanese. This should be great for any manga artists using the plug-in. I don’t know if Gimp is big in Japan, but I would love to get help translating the plug-in to Japanese.

In addition I’ve added support for exporting to Windows BMP images for compatibility with Potrace, among other things, and fixed a number of bugs.

Finally, I’ve moved the software repository over to GitHub, and gotten my own little issues tracker  there, where you can report any bugs you might find or make feature requests.

I’ve also found time to actually use Gimp Book a little, and recently finished a short 9 page comic done entirely in Gimp using Gimp Book. You can check it out over at my other site, queertales.com

First page of my comic Stranger Danger, available at queertales.com

Read the whole comic over at queertales.com

August 14, 2014

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