Jot Launcher Script for Linux

While on the train to Sweden this weekend I wrote a little helper script to make it easier to run Jot under Wine. Previously the process was a bit convoluted, requiring quite a few steps.

You can download the script here.

To use the script, you need the following installed:

  1. Wine with OpenGL support
  2. Jot (32-bit windows version)

The script assumes that Jot is installed directly in you home folder, but you can easily place it elsewhere. Simply open theĀ  script, and uncomment and edit line 13, where it says JOT_ROOT, to point to where you’ve placed it (e.g. ‘JOT_ROOT=/usr/local/share/jot’).

After unpacking the script, place it in PATH. On Ubuntu this would typcally be /usr/local/bin:

sudo cp jot /usr/local/bin/.

Now you can run jot directly from the terminal:


This will open a command prompt, which in turn will launch Jot and load your scene. Jot lacks an open dialog, so you always need to point it to a .jot file when you launch it, or you’ll just get an empty scene.

The script was written on Ubuntu 12.04, but should work fine on most Linux distros.

October 14, 2013

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