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Boots Easter Commercial

I recently finished work on an Easter version of the Boots commercial we did before Christmas. Again all the CG is done in Blender and rendered in Cycles, with a little compositing done in Nuke. The commercial uses a… continue reading »

Running Jot on Windows

After publishing the Jot Exporter for Blender, I’ve noticed a lot of people are having trouble getting Jot to run on their computers. I’ve put together this short tutorial to help explain how. The screenshots are from Windows 8 Pro… continue reading »

Resurrecting Jot

You may be wondering who Jot is, and how I’m going to go about resurrect him or her? Of course, the question is not who Jot is, but what Jot is? Back in 2002 there was a presentation by some… continue reading »

Making Comics with GIMP Book

The first week of my Christmas vacation in 2011, I spent with a cold and fever.  I had already begun feeling unwell on the last day of work, and a long flight to Thailand, followed by a two hour bus… continue reading »

Boots Commercial uses Tractor Dispatcher

A few weeks ago I worked on a commercial for Boots using mostly open-source tools, includand Gimp and Blender, with the new Cycles renderer. Cycles can produce beautiful images, like with most physically plausible renderers those images tend to be quite… continue reading »

My Site is Up

Welcome to my site. I don’t really have any big plans for this site, other than having a place to collect some tools and games I’ve written, and maybe publish a few tutorials. To start with I’ve added my Tractor… continue reading »

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